Alfdex Separators

  • Alfdex offers high-efficiency removal of oil droplets and soot particles from the ventilation gas in diesel engine crankcases, also known as blow-by or crankcase gases.
  • The latest generation Alfdex separator is up to four times more efficient than the existing model, and/or can handle up to three times as much blow-by gas.
  • The system uses centrifugal technology to eliminate particles down to 0.1 gram/hour or below at normal driving conditions to achieve optimal functioning of a closed crankcase ventilation system.
  • At a separator speed of 7000-8000 rpm, oil and soot particles are removed from the gas by forces of around 2 500 G's and returned to the oil sump.
  • The Alfdex separator is currently available with a hydraulic drive. In the future it will also be offered with an electrical drive which will deliver cleaning efficiency similar to that of the current version. Both versions provide on-board diagnostics through a controller-area-network (CAN-bus).
  • Designed to meet new and tougher engine legislation that takes into account not only exhaust pipe discharges but also crankcase gases.

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