Oil Pumps

  • Engine lubrication systems are becoming more complex. Concentric can deliver a range of different oil pump solutions to match the exact requirements of modern engines, including rotor, annulus and gear pump designs, available in various configurations to maximise opportunity for design integration.
  • Reliability and performance are the key parameters for oil pumps for commercial vehicles. Our products are designed and validate to meet the expected life requirements of 1.5 million km and beyond, aided by CFD applications now adapted to positive (as well as previously non positive) displacement pumps.
  • Noise reduction is a key driver for future engines and Concentric can offer various innovative solutions to optimise the noise transmitted from the pump.
  • To enable enhanced engine lubrication flow and pressure control, Concentric can offer load sensing electronic pressure control for conventional oil pumps. These devices are integrated within the pump assembly and offer a modular solution that can give up to two thirds of the fuel savings delivered by fully variable oil pumps.
  • Concentric's innovative variable flow technology matching oil flow to demand, is the key to future energy-efficient lubrication systems and is already incorporated into next-generation platforms.